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Tiroler Tageszeitung (TT), a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

Read the success story of how LoginRadius helped Tiroler Tageszeitung increase their user base, provide low downtime, and ensure high scalability, among other diverse challenges.

Tiroler Tageszeitung (TT) has been a leading Tyrolean medium daily newspaper committed to regional quality journalism for over 75 years. The company was on a hunt for the right onboarding solution that not only offers secure authentication but eventually delivers a flawless user experience.

Here we’re sharing the success story of Tiroler Tageszeitung and how LoginRadius helped them overcome diverse challenges.

The Situation

TT was trying to manage their registration and access infrastructure in-house, which was a catch-22 situation. Hence they decided to hand over authentication to a professional who can get the job done efficiently.

The Challenges

TT had been experiencing the following list of challenges. Therefore, they wanted a secure, stable, reliable solution that made onboarding seamless for their consumers.

  • Poor user onboarding and user experience
  • Lack of robust authentication mechanism
  • The immediate need for the scalable and secure hosting environment
  • Unable to access data from any location

TT decided on a transition to cloud storage and, therefore, approached LoginRadius expecting a scalable hosting environment, among other cloud-centric benefits.

How LoginRadius Paved the Path for a Seamless Onboarding and Secure Experience

Registration as a Service (RaaS)

The company wanted a seamless experience delivered to every user while they interact with them online. LoginRadius helped them implement a fully managed and personalized registration on their portal that now has a seamless experience.

Social Sharing and Account Linking

We added social sharing widgets in the platform that helps our client connect with different users, groups, and communities through their social media channels. We also enabled short URL sharing and auto-linking of multiple social accounts based on email addresses.

Single Sign-On

We understand that our clients’ users may find it difficult to use multiple credentials for logging in to their accounts. Hence, we unified their consumer journey through SSO into their systems. This helped users to use their key (set of login credentials) for accessing multiple web properties.

Webhooks and Data Migration

Our client wanted to migrate their existing consumer data to LoginRadius CIAM. Hence we implemented a seamless and smooth transition to meet their demand. We ensured TT could quickly and effortlessly configure webhooks for multiple events using our APIs.

A Comprehensive View of Consumers

TT demanded a 360--degree view of its consumers, and our User Management Dashboard helped them manage and view multiple consumers without any hassle. Moreover, we ensured they could easily personalize the data fields, filter data points, and export entire data into CSV format for greater convenience.

Social Analytics and Reporting

One of the most critical differentiators for TT was LoginRadius’s ability to provide a highly personalized solution based on consumer expectations. To achieve that, we helped TT churn analytics based on social parameters, demographics, login analytics, user activities, and more.


LoginRadius understands that modern businesses require cutting-edge technology to deliver a unified and seamless user experience that fosters growth. Our client, Tiroler Tageszeitung (TT), was hunting for a modern and secure solution to meet their smooth and fast onboarding demands.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we were able to help the company increase its user base through great user experience coupled with security and convenience.


Yash Rathi

Written by Yash Rathi

Analog by Birth - Digital by Choice, Director-Client Success at LoginRadius, Technology and fitness enthusiast, Quick Learner, Active Cyclist, loves challenges.

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