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IFMA, a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the largest global association and advisory body for professionals in facility management in the world. IFMA was established in 1980 and offers credentialing, education services, and guidance to professionals in facility management.


The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the world’s largest international association and guidance body for facility management professionals. Founded in 1980, IFMA provides credentialing, education programs, and guidance to facility management professionals. Headquartered in Houston (USA), IFMA is a not-for-profit organization supporting professionals in 104 countries.

The Situation

With registered members in more than 100 countries worldwide, IFMA intended to take as much of the member interaction online as possible. This meant that many of its services would be extended to members through their community websites. With the goal of providing a well-rounded online experience, they also wished to collect more information about its members.

IFMA decided, however, that its members should not be forced to perform unproductive tasks such as completing long registration forms, or remembering multiple login credentials for the various websites. IFMA wanted a seamless user experience for its members so that they would not be distracted or repelled by the different stages in the workflow.

The Challenges

Some of the challenges that IFMA was experiencing included:

  • Integrating a social layer into each of IFMA’s websites, and linking each social identity with the IFMA issued membership identity.
  • Capturing and store its members’ basic and extended social profile data points, and assigning specific roles to each members after registration.
  • Allowing for seamless access between multiple IFMA websites without having to re-authenticate the same member’s identity multiple times.
  • Creating a single identity associated with each membership regardless of the number of websites operated by IFMA.

LoginRadius’ Solution

After the deployment of LoginRadius customer identity and access management solution, IFMA was able to simplify the member sign-up and engagement process. In addition to fulfilling its core objectives, IFMA was able to build rich member profiles with the obtained social profile data. Specifically, LoginRadius helped IFMA achieve its goals in the following ways:

1. Introduce Social Login in the Authentication Layer
IFMA wanted LoginRadius to remove the clunky and time consuming registration form in favour of a seamless social login process would increase members’ activities. IFMA opted for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as the four social networks whose identities its members can utilize to signup and login to the community site. As expected, IFMA experienced a significant increase in member engagement, as well as the number of daily and monthly active users.

2. Capture Social Profile Data and Assign Roles
With the help of LoginRadius, they were able to obtain the missing data points via social login. This allowed IFMA to capture the basic and extended data points from the member’s social profile that they have chosen to log in with. Alongside building rich profiles, LoginRadius also provided IFMA with a role management function. This allowed IFMA to assign hierarchical roles to each member upon registration, enabling them to increase website engagement.

3. Single Sign-On on Multiple IFMA Websites
In preparation for future site additions, IFMA asked LoginRadius to implement Single Sign-On for its properties in such a way that new websites can be added to the Single Sign-On grouping on a plug and play basis.

4. A Unified Profile for Each Member
LoginRadius’ cIAM solution ensured that while an individual member can be associated with a number of social profiles, in addition to the official IFMA profile, all of the data associated with the single member is centralized, with only one record created per user. The same convention would also be followed for any prospective IFMA websites as desired by the organization.

IFMA - LoginRadius Customer Success Story


Karl Wittig

Written by Karl Wittig

Karl is the AVP of Customer Success at LoginRadius, the industry leading Consumer IAM provider. He thrives in fast paced high tech environments working closely with Customers to overcome complex Identity related challenges as part of their digital transformations. Outside of work, he spends his time with his family in and around Vancouver hiking, snowboarding and exploring.

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