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Take Control of Your CIAM Environment with LoginRadius' Private Cloud

Businesses relying on conventional consumer IAMs aren’t aware that they’re not just putting their consumer information at risk but are also missing endless business opportunities. This blog explains how LoginRadius’ CIAM solution offers a private cloud that helps businesses take total control over every aspect of their business.


Cloud computing has offered endless opportunities to diverse businesses in the modern, digitally advanced business landscape.

Whether we talk about efficiency, agility, or security, enterprises are swiftly inching towards leveraging cloud services that thrive business success.

Like every other industry, the CIAM (consumer identity and access management) offers enterprises and clients new horizons through rich experiences and world-class security.

However, many businesses relying on conventional consumer IAMs aren’t aware that they’re not just putting their consumer information at risk but are also missing endless business opportunities by not considering a cutting-edge cloud-based CIAM solution.

This post will talk about LoginRadius’ CIAM solution offering a private cloud that helps businesses take total control over every aspect of their business in the consumer identity and access management landscape.

What is LoginRadius’ Private Cloud Architecture

LoginRadius’ single-tenant private cloud runs on a dedicated infrastructure. This means that the hardware, storage, and network are dedicated to a single client, and there are no neighbors to share hosted resources with. They may reside in a dedicated offsite data center or managed private cloud provider.

In a single-tenancy architecture, each tenant gets their database. This way, data from each tenant remains separated from the other. Furthermore, the architecture is built to allow only one software instance per SaaS server.

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Benefits of LoginRadius' Single-Tenant Private Cloud CIAM

Since enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud computing capabilities, most prefer single tenancy over multi-tenancy for diverse reasons. Here are some reasons why LoginRadius’ single-tenant private cloud could be the ultimate solution for enterprises seeking agility, security, and efficiency in the CIAM landscape.

  • Quick and easy deployment: It can take months to build your solution or install one on-premises. And doing so takes time and resources from your engineering team, which will speed on identity functionality and best practices.LoginRadius can be deployed on any cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, or Alibaba Cloud) in mere days. Millions of customer identities can be migrated with no interruption in service.
  • Reliability: LoginRadius’ Single-tenant architecture is typically more reliable since one software instance serves one client. So the entire system remains unaffected by other cloud traffic and peak load performance. Also, it becomes easier to scale as compared to the multi-tenant. Moreover, one can configure In-transit Network Routing in single-tenancy.
  • Hassle-free migration: It is easier to migrate data from LoginRadius’ single-tenant architecture since the data store contains data from a single customer. One does not need to worry about mixing customer data or using complicated migration scripts.
  • Easy personalizations: In the case of SaaS, mainly the services are thoroughly managed by the service provider’s team. However, the service provider can give dedicated server access to customers in the case of single-tenant—for instance, server logs access to customers. The same level of ownership or customization cannot be provided for multi-tenant customers.
  • Stringent data security: LoginRadius’ single-tenant cloud architecture separates application instances and supporting components like database and infrastructure for each customer within the same provider. As a result, even if a customer with the same service provider experiences a data breach, other tenants remain protected. Hence, there is no way for others outside of your organization to access your data in case of vulnerability.
  • Stability: On-premises deployments are vulnerable to outages. They can also develop neglected issues because no one has the resources to address them. In contrast, LoginRadius’ single-tenant private cloud solution achieves 100% availability, with automated failovers and a network of servers from trusted cloud partners Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others. Our uptime is unmatched in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Enterprises that aren’t leveraging cutting-edge technology to handle consumer identities must immediately put their best foot forward in adopting cloud-based identity and access management solutions.

LoginRadius’ private cloud helps enterprises deliver a flawless user experience backed with robust security that thrives business success. If you wish to see the future of cloud CIAM in action, reach us for a personalized demo today.


Manish Tiwari

Written by Manish Tiwari

Manish Tiwari is working as a Technical Support Manager at LoginRadius. He is a dynamic & versatile professional in IT service management, technical support, maintenance, and troubleshooting. He loves playing cricket, watching movies, and cooking in his free time.

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