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How to Find the Right SSO Strategy that Fits Your Business

In a competitive business environment, SSO (Single Sign-On) establishes a flawless user experience while providing the highest level of security and efficiency. Enterprises need to put their best foot forward in defining the right SSO strategy that fits right for their organization and helps pave the way for overall success.

In a digitally advanced business ecosystem, the C-level executives are finding ways to leverage technology to its peak to ensure the highest level of productivity and a seamless user experience that helps navigate business success.

Assess management is one of the essential aspects that eventually helps drive success in challenging business environments where numerous competitors are just a click away.

In such competitive business environments, SSO (Single Sign-On) becomes the need of the hour that helps establish a flawless user experience while providing the highest level of security and efficiency.

Enterprises need to put their best foot forward in defining the right SSO strategy that fits right for their organization and helps pave the way for overall success.

Let’s understand what SSO is, what it offers to businesses, the right SSO strategy, and how to implement it for business growth in the most challenging and competitive business environments.

What is SSO (Single Sign-On)

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to the authentication process that allows your consumers to access various applications with a single set of login IDs and passwords and an active login session. The following are the two examples of the Single Sign-On environments:

  • Consumers access multiple applications of the same provider. Consumers don't need to create and remember separate credentials for each application; they log in once and access the provider's various applications. Example: Google, Youtube, Gmail, etc.
  • Employees access numerous applications daily. They don't need to create and remember separate credentials for each application; they can log in once and access various applications from the same organization. Example: HR Portal, Resource Portal, Organizational Account, etc.

Since we now know what SSO is, let’s move towards understanding how to choose the right SSO strategy for your organization.

Tips to Choose the Right SSO Strategy For Your Business

#1. Understand the business and consumer benefits of using SSO

The first thing that businesses should know about SSO is what benefits it offers to their organization and its consumers.

Every organization thinks adequately about investing in a specific technology. Similarly, businesses should first think about what business advancements they could get with SSO. Moreover, what would the benefit for their consumers be if they implement SSO.

To help businesses quickly understand the benefits of SSO, we’ve listed some of the significant benefits of SSO for businesses as well as their consumers.

Benefits of SSO for Businesses

SSO offers endless possibilities to businesses leading to overall efficiency, security, and revenues growth. Here are some of the significant benefits of using SSO for enterprises:

  • Improves conversions and revenue: Customers can access all domains and services with a single active session.
  • Mitigates risk: Accessing third-party sites (user passwords are not stored or managed externally) becomes risk-free.
  • Unifies customer profiles: Creating a single instance of the customer data provides a centralized view of the customer across all channels.
  • Reduces IT costs: Due to fewer help desk calls about passwords, IT can spend less time helping users remember or reset their passwords for hundreds of applications.

    Benefits of SSO for Consumers

  • Seamless user experience: Consumers can use a single identity to navigate multiple web and mobile domains or service applications.
  • More robust password protection: Because users only need to use one password, SSO makes generating, remembering, and using stronger passwords simpler.
  • Reduces consumer time: The time spent on re-entering passwords for the same identity. Users will spend less time logging into various apps to do their work. Ultimately, it enhances the productivity of businesses.

#2. Identifying Actual Business Needs

Once you’re aware of the business and consumer benefits of implementing SSO, it’s time to understand your actual business needs. The major challenge for most businesses is developing a scalable and secure infrastructure for managing access, delivering a flawless experience, and maintaining adequate security.

Since every business is inclining towards cloud deployments, it’s time to think about a cloud-based SSO provider that ensures security, scalability and delivers a rich user experience.

Hence businesses shouldn’t settle for the ones that aren’t yet delivering cloud-based services and should consider relying on SSO providers offering scalability, rich user experience, and security by meeting the essential regulatory compliances.

#3. Choosing the right SSO partner

When it comes to choosing the right SSO provider, the market is flooded with endless options. However, businesses should understand that they need a cloud-based SSO provider like LoginRadius with no code implementation and 100% uptime.

Let’s understand why LoginRadius is the best SSO provider for business in 2021 and beyond.

Why is LoginRadius SSO Solution Better Than Its Competitors?

LoginRadius guarantees unparalleled uptime 99.99% every month. The cloud-based identity provider manages 180K logins per second, 20 times more than its major competitors!

Apart from delivering the industry's best consumer, the following are a few ways the platform excels compared to its competitors.

  • Auto scalable infrastructure: The platform offers an auto-scalable infrastructure to handle surges during daily and seasonal peak loads. It automatically accommodates data storage, account creation, consumer authentication, new applications, and more.
  • Scalability: LoginRadius ensures that it accommodates your continually growing consumer base. It can autoscale and handle hundreds of applications. The even better part is, there are no limitations to the number of users. Also, the LoginRadius Cloud Directory scales automatically to handle incremental data every time—in real-time.
  • Globally compliant: The LoginRadius platform also complies with major global compliances like the GDPR, CCPA, etc. You can keep track of your consumers, manage preferences, and customize the kind of consent consumers want.
  • Security Certifications: LoginRadius is compliant with international regulatory bodies like AICPA SOC 2, ISAE 3000, Cloud Security Alliance, Privacy Shield, and more.


Are You Ready to Experience a Future-Ready SSO?

Single Sign-On improves consumer experience and boosts productivity by a considerable margin.

By implementing the benefits of the LoginRadius SSO as a unified solution, you increase business agility, security, convenient and streamlined experience for your business and consumers alike.

Need more information about how SSO benefits your business? Contact us for a free personalized demo.

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